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Are you looking for reliable accounting specialists who can also assist you with your taxes in the greater Tucson, AZ area? If you do, PK Accounting & Tax is the right place to find such accountants. Our company has been in business since 1974. We have been operating on the market for a long time, with invariable success. We have a wonderful reputation in our community and numerous satisfied clients. When you need professional and effective tax accounting services, contact us:

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by Ashley M. on PK Accounting & Tax

Thank you PK Accounting & Tax for the professional tax return service! I am impressed by your professionalism! Keep up the good work!

We, at PK Accounting are fully certified, which is very important in the accounting profession. This is so because an accountant will work with your confidential information and will be responsible to calculate your profit and turnover accurately. Our company’s team consists of true professionals who have all the necessary qualifications. They can help you with the keeping up of the records of your income and expenditure.

Our company is also the greatest tax accounting expert in Tucson, AZ. Our accountants are ready  accounting and tax servicesto assist you with your tax issues, no matter if you are an individual who applies for a tax return or an organization that wants to minimize the tax amounts it is paying.

Dealing with tax issues may be a very confusing activity for you as an unprofessional. Sure you can look up in the internet or in the big books the information that you need, but without the proper training and experience, it is unlikely that you will understand it correctly. Actually, your confusion may even increase. Taxes are a complicated matter, so why don’t you leave it to experts such as those in PK Accounting. In Tucson, AZ, you will not find no better tax accounting specialists than us. Each accountant on our team has been trained in federal and state tax structures. For this reason, we are capable of giving you the best advice and handling even the most complex cases. Contact our experts now at (520) 327-1484!

Tax planning, tax returns, accounting and bookkeeping service, accounts and financial advice are just some of the services that we provide. While our public accountants are working on your case, we will make sure that you are informed about what will happen and whether we will need additional documentation from you. We will help you to file those confusing forms and will make the procedure clearer for you. We will also make sure that you meet the deadlines.

Call our public accountants today for a free quote: (520) 327-1484!

Usually, people are reluctant to face their tax situation, because they are afraid they might owe money. However, more often that not, this is not the case. If you choose to use the services of our tax planning  Tax Accounting servicecompany, we will free you from you fears. We are always honest with our clients, and we do our job fast but efficiently. However, if you see indications of tax fraud in your papers, we it is our legal duty to report to the authorities.

Each member of our staff has everything that is required from a CPA – confidentiality, logical thinking and precision. PK Accounting & Tax in Tucson, AZ can provide you with quality assistance as we are fully licensed and qualified. Our goal is to relieve you of some of your responsibilities, to save you some time and headache, as well as to make your tax situation clearer to you. Allow us to provide you with valuable accounting services so that your business stays in good financial health. Whenever you need professional bookkeeping service or another type of accounting service, contact us.

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